I draw my inspiration from the forces of nature, the rain, wind, air, mist, rock formations and atmospheric changes in the landscape. In my childhood, I was always fascinated by the dramatic and mystical elements within our natural world.

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The People's Exhibition Open 29

I recently submitted three watercolours to the East Midland Open 29 Exhibition who support artists that live within the region. There were over 900 works submitted, 250 were accepted to be exhibited in  “The Peoples Exhibition Open 29”

I am very pleased to announce that all three of my watercolours were accepted for the exhibition at  New Walk Museum & Art Gallery  from 15th December 2018- 2nd February 2019.

The Peoples Exhibition Open 29

New Walk Museum& Art Gallery

53 New Walk,

Leicester  LEI 7EA

Patway into the Forest

Autumn Landscape Leicestershire

Line of trees Charnwood