During lockdown I have been spending time in my studio developing ideas from previous journeys that I documented in sketchbooks through the years. Re-living those times travelling from one place to another provided inspiration which formed the basis for compositional experiments.

The challenge of bringing the plein air paintings from the past into concepts of present day interpretations is stimulating.  In my work there is always a constant pull between representation and abstraction.

The paintings below are a series of watercolour and acrylic layered with impasto technique, working some of the paintings up into a textured surface.

Studio Practice in Lockdown 2020

Reminiscing in lockdown 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown which is still in place, means staying home and safe in isolation. I have spent time in my studio reminiscing looking through piles of sketchbooks of my past work which was made while on journeys that I made over a few decades. It is interesting looking back in time re-living, experiencing those moments captured through the drawings and paintings, places forgotten, refreshed now in my memory.

There are many areas that I would like to re-visit, in  particular the Meteora and the mountains of Thessaly in Greece. In the meanwhile,  I can work and develop on ideas achieved at that time and bring those images into the present.

I would like to share with you some of my plein air sketchbook paintings of the Meteora and Thessaly, there are other studies of walks in Epping Forest and one of my favourite trees, Grimston Oak.

Mountains of Thessaly, Northern Greece

Monastery of Agia Triada, Meteora

Grimston Oak, Epping Forest

It was a very good start to my stay in Normandy, the weather was warm and sunny perfect for Spring time.  The beautiful fresh colours of the landscape, bright vivid yellows of the rapeseed fields were magic to see. I was inspired and motivated by the vast and continuous landscape before me.  I made several watercolour sketchbook studies of the scenery around Les Aspres village and other areas.

I hope eventually to develop the paintings into larger works and experiment with the ideas using different mediums. Here are some of the studies below.

Spring time in Normandy 2019